Our Breeding Philosophy

Litters are whelped with specific goals in mind.  The sire and dam of the litter are chosen with compatibility in mind, to produce the traits most desirable in a working dog candidate. All of our dogs are potential working dogs, and are raised as such.  They are introduced to environmental challenges and various stimuli from birth, and are imprinted with specific behaviors as they develop, to ensure the best possible opportunity for success.  Pups are exposed to various people, environments, noises, surfaces, and obstacles.  They are encouraged to develop their scenting and hunting ability, and prey drive, to solidify their desire for work.

The ultimate goal for a working dog candidate is to expose the pup to as many challenges as possible during this impressionable period, whether the dog is destined for police, a protection sport such as Schutzhund, French Ring, Mondioring or other protection sports, Search and Rescue, or personal protection.