V Baghira von den Wannaer Hohen, Sch II, kkl1: Baghira is a German Import from Wannaer Hohen Kennel. She is a Wespy daughter, from the well known "W" litter. She is a strong, athletic, fast, masculine bitch, who is often mistaken for a male. Baghira is environmentally sound, with  solid full grips, high prey, possessive, and clear headed.  Baghira had 100 point tracks for her Sch I and II, obedience in the 80’s, and protection in the 90’s, while possessing V rated conformation, kkl1.  Excellent temperament, solid, social, with natural alertness and suspicion. No dog aggression.  Baghira is an excellent example of what a female German Shepherd should be.